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1. The Choice

First we explore the concept of free will. What choice is there to make and how to make it? You may need to cut some chains and undo shackles to unlock your I choose powers.

2. Your Passion

Next we explore your passion. What wave are you here to make? You will chrystalize it in your I want JoyList.


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Tuition / dates

Contribution: €200 
Sessions are online. In Dutch or English.
Dates are scheduled as groups fill up. Please contact us to get on the list.


At this speed of learning, you will experience rapid deep dives into your intuitive intelligence using guided hypnosis / mediation. Sounds scary? It's not. It's amazing. Read about student experiences here.
Really online? Yep. Not scary? No. We have done this many many times. You are still in complete control. It's just a deep state of relaxation that shuts down those filters and noises that get in the way of getting clear insight.


We learn and teach together. We are all students and all teachers. The open, safe and non-judgemental learning environment makes our sessions so impactful. This is the main job of the facilitator: to set the stage for free exploration.

3. Your State

What unique qualities did your experiences give you? This is your surf board. You are going to soak it into 
I am energy.

4. Your Experience

Your unwavering mind, feeling and action in total sink makes the wave unstoppable. Riding a wave takes practice and balancing. You will add I experience helpers.


Wave making study group

4 intense sessions to get the picture and catch your wave.

If everything is a wave, then you are a wave maker. In this study group you explore what that means and what wave to make. You learn a simple three step process to make choices - and then make those happen.
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