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The Wave Making Experiment

The Idea.

Imagine we are all in one big ocean. One moves - making a wave. We all experience some of that wave as it radiates out and reaches each of us. What wave was made? If we all join that same wave, what would our experience be?  Could we make a wave of positivity and feel the impact? What if we do this continuously, throughout our day, for 1 month?

Wave making.

The movement of the one making a wave - would be caused by a thought, a feeling and/or an action. If we all have that same thought, adding each our unique feeling and action to it - would we experience something from this large wave? How many people would it take to experience an impact in your life?

The hypothesis.

When a minimum of 250 people in any location direct their attention to a series of positive intentions throughout the day, for 30 days, those participating will experience an increased sense of joy that will continue to last for at least 6 months.

How it works.

Every day, participants are given a positive intention to direct their attention to throughout their day - in their own time and space - whenever there is a moment - as much as possible - whether it is a few seconds or hours long meditation. Participants will do brief surveys before and after to the experiment.

For 1 month, every day we collectively direct our attention to a series of positive intentions.


Join the experiment.

Thanks for joining! You will receive an email prior to the start of the experiment.

Your intentions.

If you like to include your intentions in the experiment, please send it to us.
All intentions should be in the form: I am....(I am amazing, I am strong)
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