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This journey can be taken in a study group of 8 students. Each module of this journey can be taken independently and has 3 sessions of 2 hours.
Contribution fee
For study group: €30 per 2 hour session, €90 per module of 3 sessions, €350 for the full journey.
Study groups: we have continuous enrolment for new groups, contact us for the next group.

Journey 1:

Mentor framework

What does it mean to be yourself? In this journey you explore the meaning of being yourself as the corner stone of healing, recovery and growth.
3 sessions of 2 hours.​
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Journey 2:

Self discovery

In this journey you explore ways of self -discovery and inner traveling to facilitate growth.
3 sessions of 2 hours.​
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Journey 3:

Mentor Channel

In this journey you explore what it means to be a mentor channel.
3 sessions of 2 hours.​
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Journey 4:

Mentor Gifts

In this journey you explore your mentor gifts.
3 sessions of 2 hours.​
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The Experience Mentor Journey

Journey 1: Experience Mentor Framework

This program is to become an Experience Mentor. You become an Experience Mentor by mastering your own experiences and experience making - and knowing how to facilitate this learning process for others - whether is it to heal from a disease or disorder or grow to a next level.

In our approach the freedom to be yourself is the ultimate medicine and catalyst for growth. It is also life's purpose: to experience your unique self. What does it really mean to be yourself, how do you do it, and how does it relate to disorder and disease? This program lays to foundation for putting these questions into practice.


Growth, disease and disorder

All of life is energy and forms such as your body and experiences are in-formed energy. Dis-ease and dis-order are symptoms and signals of disharmony originating from the mind. This disharmony is tension between your current experienced self and your true higher desired self - a part of you is no longer in harmony with you. This happens when your experience is not what you want it to be because of who you are. Healing and growth happens when you experience what you want because of who you are. A certain amount of tension provides the force or pull for movement and growth. Too much tension results in disease and disorder. 

The mentor

Mentorship is about facilitating self-study for self-healing and growth. The Experience Mentor uses the self-study of experiences as the catalyst for growth, healing and transformation. The more aware you are of your experiences, the more freedom of choice you have and the more active you can be in directing your experiences. To learn and transform, you therefore look for the meaning in each experience and the choices you make therein.

All healing is self-healing. Independent of healing practices and medicines. The self-healing process, to truly heal, transforms perspectives in your mind to align with your higher self, which leads to transformation of your personality, experiences, body and environment. Therefore, self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-being combined create the order and harmony in the self to truly be 'yourself'.

'Treating' symptoms may be required for relief of tension to create movement and enable transformation. However, true growth requires resonance at the mind-body-spirit level. 

Archetypes of Ra

The archetypes of Ra describe the 22 deep mind structures that guide and influence our experiences and evolution process.  The archetypes where communicated by Ra in Ancient Egypt. This forms the foundation of the mentor framework.

Triangular Perspective

The unbelievable simplicity of life is that all is well - and when it is not, you can fix it. When life is not what you want it to be - figure out how to make it so that it is what you want.


The triangular perspective lets you look at every experience from three points of view: I want, I am and I experience


By use of your intuition and your resonance-feeling-system, the aim is to harmonize and align those three points of view. With self-knowledge (self-awareness), self-acceptance (self-love) and self-being (self-power) in mind, you help the 'mentee' view him/herself from the triangular perspective. The end result is the feeling of harmony, energy and joy.

Program: 3 online sessions of 2 hours.

Certification: Mastery Level 1 (MEM1)

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Journey 2: Self-discovery

To advance healing and growth we need to evolve our point of view on the self and the medicine.


We need a holistic integrated view of self that includes those aspects of self that are 'subconscious and unperceived'. We need a new anatomy of the self which includes mind-body-spirit, free will and choice, chakras, energy bodies, archetypes of personality, pre-incarnation conditions, mandates, life design, the archetypical evolution process - and especially resonance. We need to include intent, faith, love, wisdom, power, thought-form, emotion, feeling and action in the concept of energy seeing the self as an energy web or field in the infinite energy ocean.

Second, we need a mind centric healing process based on the archetypical transformation and evolution process - with a deep understanding and integration of the relationships between mind, body and spirit in each stage of the transformation process. 

In this module we practice self-discovery techniques and how to facilitate self-discovery.

In this module we study:

  • Self-discovery techniques

  • Understanding of self

  • Understanding of the mentor

  • Facilitation

  • The (self)healing and transformation process

Program: 3 online sessions of 2 hours.

Certification: Mastery Level 2 (MEM2)

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Journey 3: Mentor Channel

In our point of view, experiencing is the continuous unavoidable and unstoppable life force and pulse. You can not not experience. Experience is. It is the fabric of life - the movement of energy is continuous. 

It is also wanted. Experience is what we want. We all look for a fulfillment of experiences. Desire is the magnet and driving force behind all we experience - the spark and fire.

The healer/seeker gains mastery over experience through self-awareness. A deeper understanding of experience making, learning to read the meaning and love in each experience, and the role you play in it, empowers the seeker to co-create ever more fulfilling experiences.

At this level you explore your experience of being a mentor. What does it mean? What is the experience like? What do you want it to be?

In this module we study:

  • Being a mentor channel

  • The mentor experience

Program: 3 online sessions of 2 hours.

Certification: Mastery Level 3 (MEM3)

Learn more.

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Journey 4: Mentor Gifts

Every mentor chooses to be the doorman/women of his/her own preferred 'doorway' for healing and growth. In these sessions you explore your special mentor gifts and talents.

In this module we study:

  • Your mentor gifts.

Program: 3 online sessions of 2 hours.

Certification: Mastery Level 4 (MEM4)

Contact us to register or get more information.

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Experience Mentor Designation

To be certified as a Experience Mentor means the integration of the experience mentor values:

  • You teach from experience

  • You are self-healing and self-growth intended

  • Your mentorship is self-discovery and self-learning directed

  • You are service-to-others motivated (heart centered)

  • Your view of (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) medicine is energy oriented

  • Your facilitation is personalized to the uniqueness of the mentee/seeker

  • You have advanced mastery of manifestation and evolution

  • You teach and learn - you have the mentality of being both student and teacher in the facilitation process. 

Qualification for levels of mastery is primarily based on your evolution as a mentor/student - not compared to standards or others. It is your personal growth process that matters. Your qualification is therefore based on your self-assessment of your own progress. Your honest self-evaluation is a testament of where you stand in the integration of the experience mentor values.

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