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The Experience Maker Journey.

Master your experiences.

In this journey you learn in 12 sessions to become the master of your experiences using the experience maker method. It starts with knowing what you want in life. What follows is the process of making that happen.
Online: 12 sessions of 2 hours ONLINE.
Contribution fee: €820.

Regroove your record to play another song: your song.

Experience Maker.

How to be you? Who are you and who do you want to be? And what role do you play in your experiences? Learn about what drives you in life and how to manifest those desires.

Your story mind.

How to get this key insight? By learning to access your intuitive story mind. Your story mind is the magical intelligence in you that makes conscious what is unconscious in the form of a story.
We have all experienced the sudden insights produced by our story mind. In this journey you learn how to consciously access it.
Our approach is to help you find your passion, joy and answers in yourself. The more you learn from your experiences, the more you master them.
You learn to recognize the storylines in your life and how to switch to alternative storylines that are more in line with who you are. You learn techniques to access your story mind and the rest follows often in magical ways. 

The feedback triangle.

You then learn to integrate your insight in your everyday life. A true experience maker doesn't only learn from experiences but also transforms experiences to get on a different storyline. It needs to be applied in every day life. You still have the choice to stay with the old story or live the new. The feedback triangle helps you integrate the insights gained in your sessions.
CODE further teaches 9 ways to balance and align yourself: The joy to live, ability to feel, power of will, connection to love, freedom to express, focus of thought, state of being, locus of attention and energizing of intention.

Journey 1:

Being yourself

Learn to know, accept and be yourself and fulfill the experiences you want in life. In this part you explore what gives you joy and fulfillment in life.
What does it mean to be yourself and how do you do that? What are you experiencing and what does that tell you? What do you want to experience and learn?
3 sessions of 2 hours.

Journey 2:

Inner traveling

In this journey you practice tapping into your inner sources of knowing, creating, intuition and transforming. You learn how to find the answers in yourself.​ You experience more of yourself and expand your awareness. You learn to access your story mind.
3 sessions of 2 hours.

Journey 3:

Experience making

In this journey you learn how to realize your intentions in every day life. This is when the rubber hits the road. You learn to use the feedback triangle. 
What do you experience and what does that tell you? What obstacles do you experience in being your true self? How do you make your experiences and what role do you play in it? What do you learn from your experiences? What choices do you make?
3 sessions of 2 hours.

Journey 4:


In this journey you learn how to stay on course and gain freedom and autonomy in being yourself. ​You learn what it means to truly learn and transform from your experiences.
3 sessions of 2 hours.
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