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Spirit Journey.

The spiritual path is practical too. It's in this world but not of it. We have walked this path, and keep walking it. It doesn't have an end destination. The path is it. If you are are looking for guidance and companionship on your journey, the Spirit Journey is for you.

Session fee €90 per hour. 

Spiritual Practicality.
You are on this planet to live here and now. Spiritual realization and growth to us means to bring your spirit to it's full potential right where you are. You explore the hard questions beyond this world, while you use your insights to be the best version of you wherever you are.
How does it work.
We start where you stand and go from there. We explore your questions and learn together. You find you and your inner guidance. Step by step you uncover the next layer, enter the next experience level and grow as a being.

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