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The School Paper

April 2023 Edition

The School is live!

Why we founded The Experience School to create a new wave. Read about the story.

It is not as scary as it may seem. Read.

Yoga tradition.

The simple definition of yoga is to “yoke”- joining as in a union. On a practical level, yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and emotions. Modern cultures primarily recognize the physical limb of yoga, hatha yoga. Yoga however, is much more complex than the modern interpretations of it. The physical exercises we commonly associate with yoga help align our body, mins and spirit to achieve a peaceful state of samadhi, complete absorption in our spiritual reality. Read more.

Discover yourself with archetypes.

Read the background introduction to Ra archetypes and use this page to start working with it.

Reading tips

The unbelievable simplicity of life.

Listen tips
  • The audiobook for The Experience Maker is out. Learn more

What to learn from a traumatic experience.

Hesther, Carlijn and Tijne have put together their insights and experiences. Read.

Learn about The Wave Making Experiment.

April is Fools month. The month of Choice and new beginnings.

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