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Power Tools

Integrative Resonance

Since all is energy, and energy acts like waves, like notes from a string, you learn to play your own instrument, to create harmonic songs and stories. Learn to use your tuning instrument - the system in you that recognizes resonance and dissonance - like an inner compass to travel and navigate life.
Through resonance you become the experience you want, resulting in having the experience. It works like amagnet.
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Screenplay script

Image life works something like this: before you are born, when you are given the opportunity to incarnate on earth, you first go through the process of creating the scenario or the screenplay for your personal movie of life. You choose the cast. You choose who shall play mother, father, spouse, lover, friend, enemy, and so forth. You make agreements with these entities, not within the Earth plane, but within the finer world which this instrument calls the inner planes. If this were so, what would your screenplay be? With this tool you gain a over-view of your life, the blue print or roadmap, connecting the dots between past experiencing, finding the meaning in the relationships and events, and projecting it into the future and current decisions and direction.


Archetypes are a powerful way to study yourself and your experiences. Archetypes are typical generic constructs that work like train-rails. They give insight into the materials and boundaries we are given to work with. There are archetypes for studying the process of evolution. and experiencing, as well as for personalities.  


A simple and powerful tool is your ability to direct your attention to what you want instead of to what you don't want. Often the focus of learning and therapy is on the problem. But the 'problem' may just be a symptom, signal or catalyst to let you know you are 'off the road' of being yourself and your destined path. You therefore want to have strong resonance with what you want in life. This is your Joy List - a list of passions and experience that give you joy.

Self-knowledge and self-being gives you powers.

Deep Dives

To enhance learning and transformation, a deep dive is a more in-depth investigation of experiences and catalysts (the roles, events, environments, intended/random, choice //screenplay aspects), the meaning, and the experience we make out of those, the repetitiveness, the polarity balancing, the opportunity, the complementarity, the wider perspective, the root experience. The 'tuning into' states of being and 'channels' of information help you get the required information for learning and transformation. Hypnosis and guided meditation can be used for deep dives.


Your experiences are an incredible sources of information. The Pitstop is the moment when you reflect on your experience. This can be directly while in the experiences or just after. The purpose of the pitstop is to gage your feelings and stay aligned with being yourself.  The more integrated resonance is in your life, the more in the moment your pitstops become, as you are quickly aware of what feels 'on' or 'off' balance. A key aspect of this tool is being able to take the observer position. It's like you become the camera man in the situation, who then looks to the director in you for directions of how the script continues.


Think of meditation as a way to tune in (and out) of anything. It is a key tool to explore your inner world and reflect on your outer world. What you tune-in to, you will resonate with. Meditation is therefore a way to build resonance with experiences you want. This tuning in is also a state of focussed concentration to fully experience the moment you are in - to fully appreciate all that is expressed in it.


Think of chakras as information channel, incoming and outgoing. Each chakra is like a radio channel, plays certain information. When the channel is blocks, you don't receive as much information from it, and what you send out might be more distorted. These are tools in themselves. Learning about what each channels can provide, and how to tune in to them, lets you utilize and increase their power. 

Polarity Scales

We learn through opposites. Each action or movement automatically creates and opposite. We then make choices on that scale of opposites, which infuse our experiences. By finding the polarities at play in your current experience, experiencing the different balanses and states of these experiences, you become a master of find the balance and complementarity in each opposite.

EX Handbook

While you study experience making, you gain insight in the workings of it. The Experience Maker Handbook is your own collection of insights and understanding of how life works, who you are and how the world turns. Think of it as your own operating manual.
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