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About the session.

This is a one hour session to clarify a situation or experience you are facing using your oracle of choice. You are actually the 'oracle'. The 'mirrors' used help you access your inner intuitive knowing. 
Think of this session as stepping into a mirror room. It allows you to look at the situation from many points of view. Together these views form a more complete image of the underlying current of the situation.
Each 'oracle' is a different mirror room. The mirrors in that room reflect on different aspects of life.
The key instrument being used is resonance. The archetypical or energetic reflection is input to perceive what resonates in you that is of importance regarding your experience or situation.
The center piece is always choice. Whether it is choosing what you want, who you are or what you make of or learn from an experience, on a mind, body or spirit level. It is finding the meaning in the experience - finding the complementarity and balance in polar opposites.

Egyptian Tarot / Ra. 

The major arcana has 22 cards. These are visual representations of archetypes. Archetypes are typical original examples of aspects of life coming from the roots of the 'deep mind'. They are not predictions or future telling. We use the Tarot without the astronomical spin. Instead, we use the original Ra interpretation. This interpretation looks at life from the perspective of mind, body and spirit, and along the cycle of evolution and transformation. This 'mirror' will therefore help you focus on the relevant 'location' - it being either the mind, body or spirit level - and the phase in the cycle. The process is to 'invoke' that archetype to find 'resonance' in you with the important information for you to consider. Eventually, this is a doorway to your own intuitive knowing and sensing. We all need a mirror at times to see ourselves.
The archetypes of Ra are real and logical. They describe aspects of life we are all familiar with, such as consciousness, subconsciousness, learning and transformation. The interpretation is subjective. It is what you uniquely get out of it.  Understanding the archetypes helps us recognize the deeper patterns of life.

I Ching.

Another powerful mirror. The I Ching is the ancient Chinese wisdom book reflecting the cycle of life. Life is not a straight line, but a circle. It has 8 phases in the cycle from and between creation and manifestation, which combined in twins (2) create 64 'hexagrams'. The I Ching is the book of change - as the cycle moves continuously. However it is also the book of the unchangeable nature and reality of the universal laws. It mirrors where you are coming from, where you stand and where you are going toward. Again, you are the oracle. This is about the subjective experience and your truth where resonance again plays the key role. Each hexagram has a form (of 6 lines) and a 'image' or symbolic meaning, that can resonate with some knowing inside of you. The purpose is to activate your inner knowing about the past, present and future origin of the situation, experience or question you want to clarify. The I Tjing facilitator helps describe the 'picture' as presented in its original form. The interpretation and finding its meaning is yours. 
The phases and elements of the cycles the I Ching describes are real. Water, lake, wind, mountain, thunder: very practical and down to earth concepts. How it relates to you and your question is your subjective interpretation. It is not hocus-pocus - unless you do not believe you are an intuitive being.


Chakras can be mirrors too. Here we follow the interpretation of Ra. From this point of view you are a multi-dimensional being.
You eat energy. You have energy. You burn energy. You are energy. Therefore, energy is flowing through you.
Chakras are the centers of energy in your body. They regulate the incoming and outgoing information flow at various levels. These 'channels' can be blocked or open to a more or lesser degree. As you can imagine, blocked means restriction of either incoming or outgoing information. How each center functions may be of influence on your current question or situation. 
We use an interpretation of the function of a chakra as a regulator of the energy body it is the center of. Think of your body as having multiple information banks - each holding and processing a certain type of information. The aim is to identify which information bank to consider in relation to your question. The 7 'banks' follow the path of evolution. All banks are as important, and combined the aim is to find balans in all banks and between banks.
You do the 'reading' in this session - not the facilitator. Through your own sensing and color perception, you identify which center or information bank to investigate further. The facilitator gives you a description of the function of the chakra to help you find the meaningful information again using 'resonance'. This is subjective. The truth of it is a personal truth. 

Triangular Perspective.

This mirror room has three mirrors: I want, I am and I experience.
Using these mirrors you will look at the situation like this:
Is what I experience what I want because of who I am?
When there is harmony and alignment between those three, you likely experience what you want because you are who you want to be.
When there is disharmony, you like experience tension between what you experience and what you want - because you are being someone you don't want to be.
Do not think that only three mirrors will be a weak reflection. This can be confrontational mirror room. It goes straight to the heart of the matter. It reflects the unbelievable simplicity of life. It's a powerful tool.

Personality archetypes.

Are you acting as the prince, the martyr, the advocate, the king, the Don Juan.
Of course each of us are unique. However, the elements that make who we are are in essence the same - the uniqueness is in the precise combination of all those elements. 
The personality archetypes mirror to us the original elements at play in our own unique way. These reflect tendencies and preferences. The underlying motives of the choices we tend to make. 
This 'mirror' shows you what characters are active in you related to your question or situation - and can also give you insight into what character brought you here and might bring you to the desired outcome.


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A session takes 1 hour and is €100.
Sessions are online or in person. In Dutch or English.

Oracle perspective

Gain intuitive understanding of your present experience or intention.

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