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The NDE Experience.

Besides the traumatic event that caused you to nearly die, the experience between and after 'returning' can be traumatic in itself. What you may have experienced in that moment in all likelihood stretched your self and world view greatly. Most often this experience has had a transformational effect - as if you have become a different person.

Before, between and after.

In this program, you digest and process the before, between and after effects of your NDE. All experiences in life are processed in you - often on a subconscious level. These experiences make up your view of the world, yourself, your relationships and your place in the world. An NDE can put all these views upside down. How you process your before, between and after experiences surrounding your NDE, greatly influences the positive and negative effects of it. 


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Tuition / dates

This program is offered as 1-1 mentoring, small study groups of maximum 8 participants or a combination of the two.
Sessions are online or in person. In Dutch or English.
Please contact us for more information and discuss the best approach for you.

Your new Self.

What does the NDE tell you about what and who you are? Is there life after death? Was what I saw real or just imagination? How do I explain this to people? Why do I feel so different?
You learn to look at these questions from three perspectives: I want, I am and I experience. This triangular view on yourself helps you look at these questions from multiple points of view to bridge your inner world to your outer world.  This will lay the foundation for further integration and growth. In this step you gain self-knowledge and acceptance.
The key tool to learn is 'tuning' into your inner self and intuition. Through this step you gain a feeling of purpose.

World view.

From your transformed perspective, you may look at the world differently. In this step, based on your self knowledge and acceptance, you start taking your place in the world. Sharing your NDE experience, your new points of view, your changed tendencies, interests and abilities - it can be challenging for family, friends snd colleagues to understand. As you have transformed, the world around you will transform too. In this step your ability to feel 'resonance' becomes important to maintain balance and footing. In this step you integrate the notion of resonance in your daily routines. It becomes your inner compass to know what fits and doesn't fit with your transformed self.
In this step you feel more power - empowered.

Life design.

You then integrate all your gained perspectives and abilities into a greater sense of direction following your life design. You are on your way to be yourself again - free to explore, learn and experience.


With your increased self-awareness, acceptance and power - your path continues. 


An NDE is certainly traumatic in the sense of it being a very intense experience. That does not mean it is negative or positive - this may depend on how you process the experience. This is true for all trauma - and all experiences. There is a well developed set of tools to process a traumatic event - even if that event took place a long time ago. It requires integrating a new perspective into your view of the world and yourself. Once this new view 'lands' in you, it can start taking root.
In this step you work on releasing tension that the traumatic side of the experience may have caused. Through this step you feel more safe, relaxed and free.


The approach we take is to ground your experience in your present life. You may have changed your priorities. You may have developed more sensitivity. You may find that you aren't connecting as well with the people around you.  Your interests may have shifted. Through knowing yourself and accepting yourself, you find a way to be yourself. In this process you develop self-awareness to know yourself and learn to accept who you are - giving you the self-power to be your transformed self. You need strong roots in this new place.
In this step you work on accepting the present reality and seeing the meaning of the experience. You get a more comfortable and joyful sense of it all. 

Near Death Experience track

Integrate the NDE experience in your present life.

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