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1-1 mentoring to shed light on your experiences.
What are you experiencing? What does it mean? What do you want? How do you make that happen?

I want.

What do you really really really want in life? What excites you? What's your passion? What do you love to do and brings you joy? Explore what experiences you want to have and how to know what resonates with you. What is your destiny?

I am.

Gain insight into who and what you are. Your program. Your training. Your energy. Your thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, senses, and whatever else you are aware of. Are you your destiny?

I experience.

Learn to observe your experiences in the moment. What does your experience tell you? Reflect and stay on track whatever your experience is. Do you experience your destiny? 

Be yourself. 

You are like a diamant, making yourself an ever more beautiful one.

Self Alignment.

The mentor process initially has the intention to help you align with your true self, your passion and what gives you joy. Knowing what it means to be yourself.

Self Integration.

Once aligned with your true self, the process helps you integrate your true self in your every day life. Simply being free to be yourself always - no matter what circumstances. This leads to the more continuous experience of fulfillment and joy.

Self Expansion.

Once you fully integrated your true self into your every day life, the door opens to even more fulfilling and satisfying experiences. Your awareness of who you are and what you are capable off continues to expand.


Plan a 1-1 session. 

Find a mentor

Experience mentors who uplift you.


This is like being in your movie and playing your part. When you are fully absorbed and emerged in your experiences, much of your experience happens automatically and unconsciously.


In this state you are aware of being the observer of your experiences. It is as if you are watching your movie while you are playing in it. From this perspective you are more aware of what is happening in your experiences.


In the maker state, you are aware of your own making role in your experiences. You are the director, the audience and the actor. From this perspective, you can be more active in making the experiences you have.

Master yourself. 

Film Perspective: Are you the actor, audience or director of your movie?

The first step in the cycle of experience making is choosing. This is about composing your song, polishing your diamant. What is your passion, what do you want?

Create/ Experience

In the experience you create following your choices. Through alignement, believe, thought, feeling and action you become what you want to experience. It's the dance on the song you are playing.

Learn/ Teach

From your experience you learn. Is it what you want? If not, what does that mean and what is there to learn? If it is, do you continue to experience it or move on to something new?


To move on to something new is to transform parts of you to open new doors to choose from.

Experience making.

What is the process for experience making?
This program is designed to learn to be you. Choice is a sacred gift we all have. Learning how to be you, to experience being you and all that you are in your uniqueness - that's what we believe it is all about in life.
You learn to experience. You experience to learn. Your experiences possess many insights to learn from. That is our starting point. You play the central role in your movie -and also in our mentor approach.
In the program you learn to recognize and integrate resonance as a tool to navigate life using your inner compass. Resonance is the communication bridge between your inner and outer world.
Perspective plays a central role in our mentoring approach. To look at an experience from multiple viewpoints sheds more light on you and your experience. Beautiful aha moments and insights are born in that process. You learn how to 'move' your camera.
We have various tools to gain perspective. Games, creative projects, discussions, guided hypnosis, meditation, breathing, body work, cards, archetypes - together we find what ways inspire you.
It's all about perspective. In this program you will change points of view, like a camera man - to view your experiences from different angles. You then 'feel' what resonates with you. Below some examples of viewpoints.

Know yourself.

These three perspectives shed light on the tension between what is and what is desired. A powerful tool to bend your experiences.


Inspiration for many stories in books and film, the archetypes offer many perspectives on your experiences. We work with the 8 core archetypes and 22-78 extended types.

The freedom to be you: what's your passion?

0. I choose

The concept we explore here is your free will. What in life is your own decision and what is not? How do you make decisions and what are they based on? Choice is a constant aspect of your life. We explore this archetype be looking at choices you have made and aspects of your life where you feel others made those choices for you.

1. I want

What gives you joy, excites you? What is your passion? What do you want? How do you know what you want? It's not always an easy question, but somewhere inside you is the answer of what you truly want to be and experience. Let's go find it! We can do mind exploration journeys in guided meditation, make a joy list, play the experience game - just to name a few.

3. I observe

The results of your making and creating appear in your life continuously. From traffic jam to school results to the weather. Some good. Some not so good. Some out of nowhere. Some expected. These are the catalysts, the triggers, the events that you make your experiences from.

2. I make/create

Once you know what you want, how do you make that happen? There is a magic aspect of life to be explored. Much of what is created in your life is created by your subconscious. Just think of your physical body, your digestion, heart rate and cell production. What is the process of creation and how do you direct it?

4. I experience

What experience do you make of what happens. Your experience of events is your unique perspective. It's what you make of it. There is a lot of information to be explored in your experience that can help you learn about yourself. Seeing that what you observe as different from what you experience is a key to learning how to direct life.

5. I learn

You learn from your experiences and through your learning you experience. These are two sides of the same coin. If you learn from your experiences, you open the doors to new experiences. If you don't learn, chances are the same experiences will continue to come back.

7. I am

Out of transformation you are born. Who are you? Your experiences and everything you have learned form it. It's your self image and world image based on your believes and conclusions. This is the program that runs a large part of your life subconsciously. We explore who you are through the experience you have had and want to have. We also explore your instruments such as love, feelings, emotions, body, thoughts and intuitive intelligence.

6. I transform

To learn is the first step towards growth. To let go and embrace the new is required for transformation. You can not be with one foot in the old and the other foot in the new. You need to make the jump to become the new you.
By learning to tune into different states of being and 'channels' of information, you learn to find your own inner sources of guidance, truth, creativity and intelligence. Tuning into what resonants also becomes a way to attract the experiences you want.
What life throws at you is not always predictable or intended. Yet, the question is whether these seemingly random events need to change your state of being. Finding meaning and love in every moment, while staying in the present, lets you remain centered.
From the centered presence you may start noticing the cyclical nature of life and how you continue to get opportunities to gain the experience you are looking for.

EXM Mentoring

The question is not what works. The question is: what works for you?

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