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The freedom to be yourself.
On this personal path of growth you learn more about yourself from your own experiences. You develop your intuition to find answers in yourself and to know, accept and be yourself.
Our approach is to help you find your passion, joy and answers in yourself. The more you learn from your experiences, the more you master them.
We are an holistic mentor team using a broad set of teaching and healing tools and expertise. Our main mentor program is the Experience Maker Journey. Our mentor network offers a wide range of additional holistic options also.

Mentor meeting

Discuss your experiences and how to have the experiences you are looking for.

Session duration: 1 hour

Session fee: €‎ 100 (first session €‎ 50)

Location: Online or on location

Contact us to book a session or discuss your needs. 

Experience Maker Journey

Learn to know, accept and be yourself and fulfill the experiences you want in life.

What does it mean to be yourself and how do you do that? What are you experiencing and what does that tell you?

Learn more about this journey.

To register, please contact us.


Hypnosis is a way to access your intuitive intelligence. To help you make decisions and explore your options in life, you go through a guided meditative hypnosis focussed on a specific question you aim to solve and clarify.

Learn about your life's purpose, clarify situations en release trauma. ​


Dive deep into subjects such as:​

  • Your life's intention, purpose and passion

  • Trauma processing

  • Past and between life regression

  • Clarifying obstacles 

Session duration: 3 hours

Sessie fee: €‎ 240

Location: Online of on location

Contact us to book a session or discuss your needs. Read article about the ins and outs of hypnotherapy

Soul Body Fusion

Soul Body fusion is a gentle approach to find a deeper connection within yourself. In 20 minutes you experience being with yourself and allowing whatever may present itself.

Session duration: 1 hour

Sessie fee: €‎ 80

Location: Online of on location

Contact us to book a session or discuss your needs. 

Read stories from students about their mentor experiences.
Contact us for a discovery meeting to explore options.
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