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In the program you bring into focus your life design (or blue print) from three points of view:
  • I want
  • I am 
  • I experience

I want.

From this perspective you explore what brings you joy - who is your true self, your life's purpose. You learn to tune into your higher self and use your 'feeling' and 'sensing' system to know what resonates with you and what doesn't.


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Tuition / dates

This program includes 8 sessions of 1.5 hours. The tuition fee is €849.
Sessions are online or in person. In Dutch or English.
Please contact us for more information.

Integrative Resonance

This technique uses your internal 'feeling' or 'tuning' system to know what resonates with you and what causes disharmony in your life. It is a very powerful aspect of you. If you learn to use it, it will help you like an inner compass to navigate life, make decisions aligned with your authentic self and 'become' the experience you seek to have. Read more.


We learn and teach together. We are all students and all teachers. The open, safe and non-judgemental learning environment makes our sessions so impactful. This is the main job of the mentor: to set the stage for free exploration.

I am.

Your current self and true self may not be fully 'in tune' or aligned. From this perspective you gain insight into your believes, thoughts, emotions, senses, tendencies and habits - and how to tune them again with your true self.

I experience.

Your experiences are a treasure of information. Finding the meaning and love in each experience opens doors to new increasingly more fulfilling experiences. From this perspective you learn to learn from experiences and also how to stay tuned into your balanced true self.

Program Tools


Archetypes have inspired many great books and movies. They are also a powerful tool to learn about yourself. We use two types of archetypes. Archetypes for the process of transformation and experiencing. See some examples of archetypes we use.  

Hypnosis / Meditation

At this speed of learning, you will experience rapid deep dives into your intuitive intelligence using guided hypnosis / mediation. Sounds scary? It's not. It's amazing. Read about student experiences here.
Really online? Yep. Not scary? No. We have done this many many times. You are still in complete control. It's just a deep state of relaxation that shuts down those filters and noises that get in the way of getting clear insight.

Chakras / Energy bodies

If you believe you are energy, then learning about your energy bodies is can help you find balance, energy, power and transformation. We use a tuning process to help you experience your chakras and our definition of each chakra is mostly based on The Law of One materials. 

Being you.

The outcome of this program is increased self-awareness, self-love and self-power. Your ability to tune into your self helps you balance yourself, make sound decisions, stay aligned with your true self and access your creative intuitive intelligence. Ultimately this helps you become and live your authentic life design - or simply be yourself.

About the sessions.

In each session you explore aspects of the three perspectives of I want, I am and I experience - using a variety of techniques. During the week you then gain new experiences and integrate your insights and techniques into your daily routine. This way there is a good balance between learning and experiencing.

Life design for Seekers

In 8 x 1-1 mentor sessions you get the full picture of your life design.

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