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The Making of The Experience School

The Beginning

In the fall of 2021 Thijs and Joost wrote The Experience Maker.


To understand and share the experience making process - because when you get stuck in life, that may help you move again.

The application

Spring '22: Hesther used the experience maker way in eating disorder sessions.


Spring '22: Joost integrated the experience maker way in hypnosis sessions.

The Beach

Fall 2022: we had our first experience maker event at the beach.

The Introduction

Pim van Lommel introduced the book.


Thijs continues to proof to be a master experience maker.


Summer '22: We take the initiative to discuss ways to collaborate to make a new wave - leading to the first experience event.

The study group

Fall '22: We start our first 12 week experience making online study group.

The School is born

Early '23: the school is born. A new form of learning and collaboration is in the making for those looking to take the next step in their life.

A new wave

To be unaware is to be a slave of programs and environments. For many of us it’s time to move on from the negativity: the disorders, the wars, the trauma - the separateness. There is new potential that wants to be discovered to make way for richer, happier, subtler and more beautiful creations and realities.

Freedom to be you

It’s a little rebellious. Kick off those shackles and escape the rat race. To depart from the status quo and show new ways is the work of innovators.
Which ways? Your ways. The freedom to be you. Choice is our sacred gift. Whatever you choose to be and experience - it’s your free will.

First Forum

Marcel and Linda join the school to start the first forum to spearhead programs for pain, money and burnout. 

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