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About the method.

Integrative Resonance helps you take charge of your life and become the version of you that gives you the experience and joy you want. You learn to feel resonance associated to intentions, desires, choices and obstacles. Through resonance you transform your perspective and energy - creating alignment and harmony between what you want, who you are and what you experience.
In this process you explore your passion, songs, movies, memories, people, books, locations, animals, food, activities, work, interests, objects - and also thoughts, believes, emotions - and determine what resonates with you and what does not.

How is works.

Inside of you is a system that helps you feel resonance and also dissonance with events and experience in your life, as well as your passions, thoughts, people, interactions, environments and intentions in life. By learning to recognize the resonance and dissonance, you gain power in making decisions toward what you resonate with and away from what is in dissonance with you. Think of it as your internal thermometer, compass or resonance scale. This also opens the door to your intuitive intelligence. 


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A session takes 1 hour and is €89.
Sessions are online or in person. In Dutch or English.
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Resonance helps you become the version of you that gives you the experience you want. It helps you get clarity in your options and decisions, your meaning in life. Resonance harmonizes your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Every person radiates their state of being, whether positive or negative. When you are in resonance, you radiate that positivity, which pulls in the experiences you are looking for.
When you learn to integrate resonance in your every day life, you are able to take charge of experiences and events, and keep your attention on what you resonate with, moving away from what is disharmonious or in dissonance. Your intuition increasingly becomes your trusted guide in life.


In a resonance session, you connect with your inner resonance system through guided meditative hypnosis. It's an intuitive intelligent system inside of you. Once you experience it, the connection is stronger and more easily accessible to you. Through repeated sessions and self-practice, this 'channels' becomes increasing integrated and accessible, and a second nature for you. It's like an inner compass that guides you through life. 

Why it works.

All natural systems seek balance and harmony. When you experience imbalance and disharmony, your systems create signals and symptoms to make you aware of the imbalance. The earlier you learn to pick up those signals, the easier you get back on track. Learning to notice the most subtle signals help you master the balancing and harmonizing of your systems (vital, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Everyone has this system build in, just like you have intuitive knowing, sense of direction, a nervous system, et cetera.


Using your internal resonance system helps you across many situations by involve your higher knowing and intuitive intelligence in your experiences and decision making. It is also a very effective method overcoming depression, burn-out and disorders. 
The ability to feel resonance and invoke what resonance is a powerful experience making and manifestation tool. When you master becoming what resonates with you, it opens many doors to new experiences.

What to expect.

In the first session, you will set an intention, and through association and intuition follow the links relevant to the intention and learn to sense the resonance and dissonance as well as how a change in perspective can unblock obstacles and blocked energy in the way of the experience you resonate with.

Advanced use.

Resonance is a phenomenon that occurs throughout nature. When you interact with anything, you are in resonance. When you are in resonance with something or something, you exchange information. Even listening to someone is a two-way information exchange. Therefore, the more aware you are of what you are in resonance or dissonance with, the more harmony you can create. As you develop this ability, you become increasingly intuitive, being able to know, see, hear and feel with clarity.


As you grow your resonance mastery you become aware of the pulse of incoming and outgoing movement in each moment, and how any rhythm produces exchange with your environment. You learn that all you need is to be able to tune into whatever you want by becoming that version of yourself. Any state of being can be experience in any present moment.

Be in the present.

Feeling joy over time becomes less dependent on situations and events, and more on a state of being. Feeling great and joyful is a state you can invoke in any experience, situation and environment - finding the love in joy in each moment. Although not easy, this is increasingly true as your resonance awareness increases as it helps you be in the present moment

Integrative Resonance

Integrate the power of resonance into your every day life.

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