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In a Hypnotherapy session you explore a question, challenge or intention in a deep state of relaxation - this is called the theta state. Although you are fully conscious and keep control  - you enter your higher conscious state in which your story mind and higher self are fully present. 
This state allows deep healing and regression, remembrance of past lives and exploration of lives between lives.
Wondering what it is like? Read student stories.

1-1 sessie. 3-4 hours. ONLINE.

Facilitator: Joost Wentink (

Certified hypnotherapist and regressionist (IACT, MNI, HRI) with Bryn Blankinship and through the Michael Newton Instituut. Studied psychology at Radboud University. MBA through Queens University.

I studied many schools of thought. For hypnosis, my sessions are similar to those described by  Michael Newton, Bryn Blankinship and Dolores Cannon. Sessions tend to be 3 hours long or longer because you go into a deep state where time 'flies'.  This may involve memories of early, past and between lives as well as exploring future scenarios. For examples of sessions I refer to the stories below and the cases described in many books by Michael, Bryn and Dolores. 

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