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Explore learning activities to learn about your experiences.


Life is an experience.  A continuous flow, scene after scene. Experiencing is the meaning of life, life's purpose is to experience. It's the unstoppable ever flowing stream of life. But who makes your experiences? What brings you joy and fulfills you? What do you want to experience next?

Being you.

The freedom to be you, to be who you want to be, is the natural pulling force in life. You want to be you. It brings harmony and joy in your life. And if you are not you, you experience disharmony, disorder and disease. Our approach is to start there: what it means to be you and to experience more of being yourself.

Know, accept and be yourself.

Being yourself is a process you can learn using the experience maker method:
  • Set Intent: know yourself and what you want to experience in life, direct your attention to what you want away from what you don't want
  • Embody your intent: Become that what you want to experience: be it as if it already is
  • Observe: learn to become an active observer of your experiences
  • Embrace: accept what is and who you are without judgement
  • Reflect: Gain full understanding of your experience and learnings


You learn from your experiences and through your learning you discover who you are. ​
Our mentorship facilitates:
  • Inner self connection: To connect with your own inner knowing, intuition and higher self
  • Inner journey: Ways to explore and travel internally
  • Experience making: Ways to be more aware of the role you play in your experiences and finding meaning in every experience
  • Feeling and resonance: Ways to experience your inner feeling and what resonates with you
  • Mind and thought: Ways to experience the role your mind and thoughts play in your life
  • Self study: Finding your personal way of learning and reflection


You are your experiences and all that you have learned from it. Whatever you may be experiencing: the more you learn from your experiences, the more you can have the experience you want. What you learn from your experiences, shapes your next experience. If you are not having the experiences you want, you therefore want to look at what you have learned from your experiences and understand what else there is to learn.

If your life is like a movie..

What is it about? Who's playing what role? Who's directing? Who's the cameraman? What are the scenes? Do you like your movie?

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