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The Experience Retreat 

What are you experiencing?

What does it mean? How does it feel? What do you want? How do you make that happen?

Deepen your awareness

What is the meaning of life? How should you live it? Can you choose? Is it meant to be? Is it determined? How does it work?

You will make experiences.

You will reflect on and make your experiences as if they are scenes. 

The Netherlands


In 12 weeks to clarity.

Intensive on location combined with online classes. Alone. Together. Relax. Introspect. Create. Connect.

Learn to experience.

Experience to learn.

Bring harmony in three perspectives of being.

I want

What do you really really really want in life? What excites you? What's your passion? Explore what experiences you want to have and how to know what resonates with you. What is your destiny?

I am

Gain insight who and what you are. Your program. Your training. Your energy. Your thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, senses, and whatever else you are aware of. Are you your destiny?

I experience

Learn to observe your experiences in the moment. What does your experience tell you? Reflect and stay on track whatever your experience is. Are you experiencing your destiny?

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