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Get on the same wave length and make amazing experiences for your stakeholders.

In this study group you work with your team on gaining deeper insight into the experience you want to make and how to make that happen. 

This study group will be held in Dutch or English. We offer sessions online through video calls or classes with a hybrid of online and location.


Much like a fitness training, the experience maker team study program supports your team in becoming more fit in experience making. In 12 weeks we explore together in sessions how to create the experiences you want at work. 

Who is this study for?

For those teams who want to become more intentional and effective in making stakeholder experience. In this study you learn to design and execute your experience blue print.

Pit Stops

A 'work-out' session in the program is called a Pit Stop. You use the Pit Stop to reflect on your experiences and experience making. You explore the basic questions of:

- What do we want the experience to be for our stakeholders?

- How do we get there?

- Where are we?


We use the experience maker way as the guiding principle for becoming aware of you, your team, your experiences and you environment. If you see your life as a movie, how is your movie created? Who is making it? Watching it? Playing in it? What are your customers, employees and other stakeholders experiencing?


Your aim in the program is to make blue prints of the experiences you want to make as a team - and start implementing what is need to realize your blue print.

Schedule and contribution

If you would like to have more information, please contact us. 

Know yourself. Know your team. Know your stakeholder.

Experience Maker Team Study 

What does your team want to make? What do your stakeholders want to experience with you? How do you make it happen? What have you made so far?

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