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EXM Event 

The Experience.

Life wants you to be you. When you are not, it comes knocking at your door - to help you get back on track of being yourself. Tensions, stress, pain, conflict, depression, illness, burn-out, emptiness, loneliness are all experiences you likely don't want - something doesn't feel great. What is their meaning? What do you want? What does it mean to be yourself?
In this event you 'experience' ways to find answers to those questions. If your life is a movie: what is your movie about? Who's playing what role? Who's directing? Who's writing the script? In 4 hours you explore what you want your movie to be about and how to make that happen.


The answers eventually are in you. If your aim is to be your true and authentic self - who else would know what it means to be you? 
The steps we follow in this process are threefold:
  • Know yourself
  • Accept yourself
  • Be yourself
It requires you to be mindful and self-aware. To be an observer of yourself and your experiences. This mindfulness is directed to your inner world as well as your outer world. In your inner world you find your true self. In the outer world you have experiences.  It involves feeling, thinking and doing. In the event you will be actively exploring these sides of being mindful.
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
Albert Einstein.

The best medicine is the freedom to be yourself.


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Participation fee €35.
Sessions are in Dutch.


The activities during the event let you explore the role of resonance plays in your life. While being mindful - observant - you will explore different 'mirrors' to experience what resonants and what does not resonate with you. This is the foundation of being yourself - the inner knowing and feeling of what fits with you. You will explore this from three points of view: I want, I am and I experience. This approach offers an incredibly simple and powerful way to take charge of your life.


The event will be from 9.30am until 12.30pm on Sunday. Date to be determined. 
The location will be determined soon.
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