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For the dates of the journey event, please contact us.

Each journey includes main journey and after journey:

Main journey

  • Arrival at 3pm

  • 1.5 hour guided hypnosis journey

  • 4-6 hour psilocybin journey

  • Location: Heerwaarden

After journey

  • 1-1 hypnosis journey (3 hours)

  • Online or in person (Heerewaarden)

Hypno + Plant Journey

We are planning journey events in June, July and August in Heerewaarden.

This journey combines hypnosis and psilocybin. The combination deepens the experience. The hypnosis before the psilocybin will give the journey a clear intention and strong setting. The after journey (hypnosis) will offer deeper integration.

To register or get more information, please contact us.

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