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This program is to study a set of tools for energy medicine and healing. Together we study and practice the healing process and the role of the healer and the one doing the healing.
The approach is rooted in our three pillars of experience making and self-healing: self-awareness, self-love (or acceptance) and self-power.

The Healer.

The introduction session will cover the healing process based on the Ra material (Law of One). This channeled information dives deep into the role of the healer. You will use this as inspiration and as a mirror to evolve your own perspective of your role in the healing process.


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Tuition / dates

This program includes 8 sessions of 2 hours. The tuition fee is €349. This also gives your access to other learning activities (see tuition options).
Sessions are online. In Dutch or English.
Please contact us for more information.


Continuing, we explore the 22 archetypes - also from Ra material - to deepen our understanding of the evolution and experiencing process. This gives an holistic view on healing and transformation - independent on method or discipline. We will study cases to work with the concepts.


We explore the personality archetypes as a source of information and inspiration to understand the 'materials' we've been given to work with, or the 'cards' we've been dealt in the human experience. You will reflect on your 12 personality archetypes to get familiar with this type of energy medicine. Working on the level of mind is not always seen as energy medicine - yet based on the Ra work all is born in the mind - our body is its creation and mirror.

Hypnosis / Meditation.

Energy transformation at certain levels happens in states of being called trance, hypnosis or meditation. The transformational process comes from new perspective and insights. For instance, increased self-love, a meeting of a guide or past one, or gaining perspective on past experience or your life's purpose - can all be energy medicine.

Integrative Resonance.

We practice our own tuning abilities. This is used in the role of the healer in the healing process. It is a powerful self-healing tool as well. This technique gets into your internal 'feeling' and 'sensing system. 


We explore the chakras and energy body. We explore the energy anatomy and systems and the relations between them. You will practice tuning into your energy centers and fields -  to balance and sense.


We learn about the discipline of bio-resonance. How it works and how healers can integrate this approach in their healing perspective.


We learn about the discipline of biogeometry - the ancient science of forms and energy. How it works and how healers can integrate this approach in their healing perspective.

Experience Making.

We always aim to stay strongly rooted in the reality of experiencing. All medicine is a catalyst for growth and transformation to experience. Experiencing is the life force. We integrate the various medicines into the perspective of experience making.

Integrative Energy Study group.

In 8 sessions we explore energy medicine and healing.

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