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Eating Disorder Track

My child and eating disorder
Join the eating disorder study group for parents.

Lead mentor: Hesther van 't Pad Bosch

At a young age Hesther experienced an eating disorder which she eventually recovered from herself. She has 15 years experience in helping others experiencing an eating disorder working as a therapist inside and outside the healthcare system. 

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I know what it is like to experience an eating disorder. I've been there. It's not fun. And yet, I also know that you can grow from and over it. In many ways, I've learned to appreciate the experience, however hard that may be to imagine while you are in the middle of it. It has made me a better, more loving and stronger spirit. Being yourself and loving who you are unconditionally is the opportunity ahead of you.
A disorder is something that is not in order. Another way of saying that is that there is disharmony. Like a song that is out of tune. The work required to restore order in you, is to bring back the harmony in you.
1-1 Sessions
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Study groups
Join an eating disorder study group .
Maybe you have noticed that we don't mention much about eating. That is because you are at the center of this program, not your eating preferences.
I have seen and tried every technique available on the planet. All roads lead to you - being you. I believe in you and your strength, courage and wisdom to be the unique person you are. Together, with all the love in our hearts, we can discover and walk that path.
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How do you harmonize yourself? Like strings on a guitar can be out of tune, you too can be out of tune. For the tuning process, our experience has shown that there are three steps:
  • Know yourself
  • Accept yourself
  • Be yourself

Know yourself.

Learning to be you - to make your wave and sing your song - starts with knowing yourself and how you make your experiences. This all starts with what gives you joy and makes your heart beat. It is to feel that joy again from what resonates with you. The key to gaining control over your experience is self-awareness. 

Accept yourself.

Choosing to be you, in every moment of the day, is easier to do when you accept yourself as who you are today - even if there is room to grow. As soon as you accept yourself as you are today - based on your self knowledge - you become free to make new choices. This work is about opening your heart leading to increased self-love.

Be yourself.

Once you know and accept yourself, you can be yourself. This can be challenging at times - the external influences may bring you out of tune and off balance. Letting the roots of your self knowledge and acceptance spread deep and wide into the ground, will help you master the storms and overcome obstacles more easily. This step is about taking your place leading to increased self-power.
To work on those three aspects of yourself, you learn to become the DJ, the screenplay writer and the surfer. You learn to recognize what resonates with you - your song. You learn to watch, remember and write your screenplay. You learn to get and stay on your wave. The result is that you are far more aware of who you are. The more aware you are, the more freedom of choice you get. Without self-awareness, your life is on autopilot - run by your programs. These tools help you rewrite it.

The DJ.

What's your song? What is in your 'mix'? In this step you clarify what you want in life - what your passion is. You (re)connect with your inner compass, the feeling system in you that tells you what resonates with you and what not. You are better able to recognize disharmony and stay tuned to your inner voice. You will learn to keep your attention on what you want in life - to be intention driven. We call this the 'I want' perspective. The DJ in you is joyful and passionate.

The Writer.

Now you know what your movie is about, what choices are there to make to bring it to life? Once you know what you want, you explore your points of view about yourself and the world - your personality - the role you play in your movie - to bring yourself in tune and alignment. You become more aware of your program and how to 'rewrite' your screenplay. You will learn to make choices that are in tune with yourself and resonate. You will learn to become what you want, to tune into your passion and have faith in the future outcome. We call this the 'I am' perspective. The writer in you is creative, intuitive and insightful.

The Surfer.

Catching your wave and staying on it, requires you to keep your balance whatever the size and speed of the wave. Being yourself in the world also requires you to keep your balance - independent of what happens in the moment. Catching your wave and riding it can be scary. You will learn to navigate your experiences more effectively. You will develop stronger reflection skills, in and after the moment - to learn from and find meaning in your experiences. This is the 'I experience' perspective. The surfer in you is free, skilled and brave.

​Program approach summary:

  • Eating disorder is a symptom of not being yourself.

  • This causes disharmony, something is not in order.

  • To restore order and harmony, you need the freedom to be yourself again.

  • In a way, an eating disorder tells you that you are tuned out of your true self.

  • This creates tension between your current self and your true self.

  • To bring your current self in resonance with your true self, you need to know what to tune into and how to tune into it.

  • There are three steps for this: know, accept and be yourself.

  • This grows your self-awareness, self-love and self-power.

  • For this we use the process of integrative resonance - using your own inner tuning system - or 'compass'.

  • This system helps you 'feel' or 'sense' what you want to tune into, how to tune into it, know when you are out of tune, and how to stay in tune during your everyday life.

  • As you learn to tune into your true self, you increasingly become that person.

  • Bringing all your believes, thoughts, feelings and actions in tune with your true self.

  • As you are more in harmony and balance, your experiences become more joyful and fulfilling.

  • In other words, you learn how to be and live your true self.

Program structure:

The program is 12 sessions of 2 hours. You will get a complete image of yourself and the world you live in. In sessions you practice the 'tuning' tools using the integrative resonance process. During the week you integrate what you have learned in your daily routines.

Why does this work? Our experience shows that increased self-awareness, self-love and self-power restores harmony, creates order and reduces symptoms. The key skill in this process of harmonization and re-balancing is the ability to tune into yourself. The Integrative Resonance process helps you do that.

Other important skills you will develop as a result of this:

  • Your ability to set intention

  • Transform your viewpoint

  • Trust your feelings and intuitive knowing

  • Gain inner power to overcome obstacles 

As soon as you act more in accordance with who you want to be, the order and harmony in you restores.


For 12 sessions x 2 hours: €1,600


To get on the list for participation please contact us.

Read student stories to learn about their experience.

The Mix Panel.

This is your tuning tool.
What is a DJ without a mix panel and a good 'ear'? To develop your tuning skills, you will learn to use the integrative resonance technique. With this technique, you use your feelings as an inner compass to navigate choices and experiences as well as clarify what you want and don't want. You get control over your 'mix' using your own mix panel.
The feeling of harmony reduces stress, resistance, conflict, fear and anxiety. In return it increases joy, power, peacefulness and creativity.

The Story Board.

This is your writing tool.
Every movie maker has a story board. Besides expressing your 'script' in writing and other creative ways - in this program you learn to internally access your intuitive intelligence to help you explore your inner world and write stories. It includes gaining deeper insight into your program and tendencies, as well as the meaning of your experiences through introspection. This is a form of guided or self meditation and expression that you learn to integrate into your day. It is your writer space.

The Surf Board.

This is your balancing tool.
You need the right board for you to surf your waves. It should be custom made, so it fits you perfectly. This is why in our program you learn from your own experience, find the answers in yourself, and follow your own advice. You design and learn to integrate balancing techniques that you can apply in every situation and as a day routine.
Getting Started
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