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Program 2024

The Experience School is on Curaçao to facilitate training in being yourself. The best medicine is being yourself. Experience what it means to be yourself, who you are and want to be and how to realize that in your life. To be yourself is to be happy. Come discover it.
CODE Mentor Journey
For coaches and therapists to learn to facilitate CODE Journeys. Learn to facilitate access to the storytelling brain of your client and help integrate insights into daily life using the feedback triangle.
CODE combines techniques from Hypotherapy, Kriya Yoga, The Experience Maker and Ra.
Learn more about CODE mentor Journey
Group session. Max 8 participants. 10 half days.
Code Journey
Experience how your story brain helps you gain insight - the intuitive intelligence within you that makes the unconscious conscious in the form of a story.
1-1 session. 1-2 hours.
Hypno Journey
In a Hypno Journey you explore a question, challenge or intention in a deep state of relaxation - this is called the theta state. Although you are fully conscious and keep control (the facilitator in our approach does not plant suggestions) - you enter your higher conscious state in which your story mind and higher self are fully present. 
This state allows deep healing and regression, remembrance of past lives and exploration of lives between lives.
Wondering what it is like? Read student stories.

1-1 sessie. 3-4 hours.
Nidra Journey
A form of yoga that fulfills the need for rest is yoga nidra, sleeping with traces of consciousness. Yoga nidra literally means: yoga sleep.
It offers contact with yourself in peace, it is an ode to the wisdom within yourself.
Yoga nidra guides you to relax and connect with yourself, or even discover your full spectrum for the first time; living body, energetic body, source of inner knowing and the source itself.
It is the gentleness of doing nothing, doing nothing and achieving everything: achieving yourself.
This is how this insight reached me in the peace, in the silence:
Overwhelmed by the silence
and surrounded by  the sound
I saw the insignificance of the stripes on the parquet
and I decided to stay
because the silence told me
that the fear is also trivial.

Group session. Max 12 participants. 2 hours.
Beach Journey
This is a fun event to explore what role you play in your experiences. You look at your life as if it is a movie. What is your movie about? What role do you play? Do you like your movie? Who is directing, playing and filming? Through a series of exercises learn to play back, play forward, pause and rewrite your movie script. 

Groep sessie. Max 24 deelnemers. 1 half day.
Soul Body Fusion Journey
In a soul body fusion session you experience contact with your soul.

"Each of us has a beautiful soul, but many of us are often unable to fully integrate it into the physical body. We live our lives virtually with the handbrake on and are unable to attract the health, wealth and well being that are our birthright ."
Do you feel like your soul, body and mind are not aligned? Do you sometimes feel like you are not grounded or don't belong? Do you experience that you would like to have more energy and better health, but you do not know how to achieve that? Imagine what it would feel like if the light of your soul were completely and permanently connected to your body, as it was intended to be¨ [From: Jonette Crowley, Soul Body Fusion; the missing piece for healing and more.]

​1-1 session. 1 hour.
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