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In the Mentor Training you learn:
  • 7 Step CODE process of change and integration
  • Facilitate techniques to activate the story mind of your client
  • Work at subconscious level
  • Hypnosis, relaxation, reflection techniques
  • Recognize, frame and anker stories
  • Apply the feedback triangle for integration
  • Recognize the evolution and transformation process

CODE: the bridge to self realization and transformation.

Based on decades of experience with trauma and disorder we have found that transformation is a result of the client gaining key insights about his/herself and her/his experiences. This key insight changes the perspective on one self, the world and past experiences. It also reframes the future, directing the attention to fulfillment of authentic desires.
As a result of this findings, we also found that the insights gained always relates to the authentic self. As clients have experiences, they may adjust to a point that they are no longer their free authentic self. This becomes a stress source that is experienced as resistance, depression, disorder and disease. The key insight reminds the client who he/she truely is, which makes the stress source go away.
CODE summarizes this process of insight gaining in 7 steps. In this process the faciliutator uses relaxation and reflection technique to help the client access his/her initiative mind (we often call is the story mind as the information tends to come as a story). Through these technique you help the customer make conscious what is unconscious. 
You can apply these techniques across contexts, whether as part of or complement to a medical consult, therapy session, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy or as a full CODE Journey session. 
Download the eBook CODE Journey here.
This training grants you the Certified CODE Mentor (CCM) and Certified Hypnosis Facilitator (CHP) designations.

Tools you'll learn

  • Hypnose: regressie, vorige levens, tussen levens
  • Narratieve gespreksvoering
  • De feedbackdriehoek: helpt uw ​​cliënt de inzichten die u tijdens uw sessies heeft opgedaan, te integreren
  • 9 ways to balance and align yourself: The joy to live, ability to feel, power of will, connection to love, freedom to express, focus of thought, state of being, locus of attention and energizing of intention.
This journey is for coaches, mentors, therapists and practitioners and can be taken in a study group of 8 students. 
Online: 12 sessions of 4 hours
On location: 6 days
Contribution fee: €1920.
Contact us for training schedule. 
ONLINE | Curacao | The Netherlands

Part 1:

Mentor framework

What does it mean to be yourself? What story are you in and want to be in? In this part you explore the meaning of being yourself as the corner stone of healing, recovery and growth. 

Part 2:

Self discovery

In this part you explore ways of self-discovery and inner traveling to facilitate growth and uncover, frame and anker storylines. How do you tap into your or your client's story mind? How do you recognize the storylines in others? How do you truly listen?

Part 3:

Mentor Channel

In this part you explore what it means to be a mentor channel. Deepen your listening skills. Learn what questions to ask and how to facilitate self-discovery.

Part 4:

Mentor Gifts

In this part you explore your mentor gifts.
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