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CODE Journey.

The Freedom to be you.

In a CODE Journey you gain key insights about yourself, what you want in life and how to realize it, using your story mind. Learn why you are experiencing what you are experiencing: disease or disorder, or whatever challenge you are facing.
Whenever you are stuck, use a CODE Journey to get unstuck.

Session fee €90 per hour. A CODE journey session takes 1 to 3 hours depending on your question.

Why CODE Journey?
After decades of treating disorder, trauma and other life challenges, we discovered the power of your story mind. We noticed that each strong transformation and recovery was accompanied by a key personal insight: a deep profound realization about yourself or an experience you've had. 
It proved over and over again that gaining this key insight - an AHA! moment - about yourself made problems go away.  
What is CODE Journey?
In short, CODE stands for the key insight that changes everything. It is the AHA-moment about why you are experiencing what you are experiencing. With this key insight, you begin to make choices that align with who you want to be. What follows is a Colorful Original Daring Experience: the experience of what it means to be your true self. Then you have changed your story. 
Only you know.
We've learned that your story is a unique story. That makes sense, because only you have experienced what you have experienced - and your story is based on your experiences. Only you and your story mind know what key insight is needed to transform your stress into joy. Listen to your story to find out! 
How does it work.
In a CODE Journey, the facilitator guides you to clarify your question, relax, clear your screen and open up the story. The story always begins. When necessary, the facilitator will help you clarify what the story is showing you. Read student stories about their session experiences.

Eventually, the destinations and the roads connecting them become clear as a map. This is the moment when you become a conscious traveler.
Stress and Tension.
Why would a key insight about yourself lead to recovery and transformation? Because it transforms stress into joy. People who gained this deep insight about themselves experienced less stress and more joy. The reduced tension helps free the energy needed for your body and mind to restore what is broken. You could also say: the insight released the source of stress so that the dis-ease and dis-order is no longer needed and therefore goes away.
Being you.
Eventually we came to the conclusion that the stress and tension you may experience is a signal that something in your life isn't how you want it to be. Think of it as roadsigns on your journey. When you don't listen to those signals, your subconscious self finds other more aggressive ways to get your attention: it wants you to listen to yourself. Not being yourself, not being who you want to be, leads to this tension. It's your helper to get back to being you. We therefore say: the best medicine is being yourself
Learning to listen.
CODE Journeys teach you how to listen to yourself and find the untold stories inside of you. Those stories tell you about who you are, what you want in life and how to achieve it. They tell you about sources of stress, past experiences, what you've learned from them and how to let go those parts that no longer serve you today. Your story mind also knows what you really want in life and how to make that happen.
Your Story Mind.
Your story mind is a part of you that makes what is unconscious conscious in the form of a story. Simply said: you close your eyes, quiet yourself, ask your question and wait for your story mind to come through. It's like emptying your internal screen for the movie to be projected. Everyone can do this and we all do it, even without knowing it. You experience thoughts and feeling coming out of somewhere all day long. Your story mind has much more to tell. Just stop and listen.
CODE Journey teaches you how to access your story mind to become aware of the stories you are living in and gain key insights. CODE journey then teaches you how to integrate these insights into your everyday life with the aim to be yourself:  the person you are meant to be.
Narrative Medicine.
CODE Journey is a form of narrative medicine - to learn about yourself through the stories you see, tell and believe in. Through your story mind you become aware of the story you find yourself in and the key insights about cause and effect, the roles and characters you and others play and how it all unfolds. It works on the premise that you have all the answers inside of you and express these answers in the form of stories.

The Code Journey

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Storyline switching.
As you practice more with using your story mind, you'll be able to use it to switch from one storyline to another. You learn to recognize the key decision moments that set the direction of the story you find yourself in. Your story mind becomes an invaluable compass in your life, helping you make decisions and follow your passion. It aligns who you want to be with who you are and what you experience. You'll be more and more free to simply be you.
To summarize...
The best medicine is to be yourself. To be yourself is to be happy. Stress, tension and not being happy are signals that you are not yourself, that you are lost. Because what you seek seeks you, find what you seek and it finds you. Listen to the story you tell yourself (does it make you happy or does it not make you happy) and become aware of the subconscious program that guides you. By listening to your own story you find and acknowledge your sources of tension.

You can find your story through your story mind that everyone has within them. Therefore, learn to access your story mind. The rest goes by itself. Everyone has this ability, it comes naturally once you know how to access it. Leading to insights about yourself and remembering who you essentially are and how to be

Choose a different story, choose a different storyline. To transform the tension into joy.
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