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It's your story. Even if it's full of bumps and obstacles, if the lows are yours, the highs will be too, and nothing brings more satisfaction and joy than living your own true story. It doesn't need to be 'perfect' as long as it is yours. A life without restrictions other than your own. That's what The Experience School is about: to take the drivers seat, set course and experience it. What will you make of it?

If your life is like a movie..

What is it about? Who's playing what role? Who's directing? Who's the cameraman? What are the scenes? Do you like your movie?

A self-made life is a life worth living. Make it yours. Tell your story....


Say life is like a journey. Every journey has destinations. Every destination is an experience. A scene where a story takes place. The questions we ask are: Which destination do you want to go to? What does it take to travel there? And where are you now? Do you want to stay where you are now or are you ready for a new destination? A new story with a new experience.

Experience making.

If you are going on a journey, who's making the travel plan? The more aware you are, the more you become your own travel planner and movie maker, or as we call it: experience maker.
Life is an experience in itself. A continuous flow, scene after scene, destination after destination. Experiencing is the meaning and purpose of life. You can not stop experience, there is no pauze button. What direction is your story going and is it what you want? Who makes your experiences? What brings you joy and fulfills you? What do you want to experience next? Who makes those decisions in your life?

Being you.

When planning your destinations and writing your movie script, you want those to reflect who you truly are - your unique self. When you are free to be you, it brings harmony and joy in your life. And when you are not you, you experience stress, tension, disharmony, disorder and disease. Our approach is to start there: what it means to be you and to experience more of being yourself? What's your story and what story are you here to tell? Which destinations do you plan to visit and how do you get there?


Explore learning activities to learn about your experiences.

Learning and your program.

You are your experiences and all that you have learned from it. From each destination you have visited, you bring something along. Whatever you may be experiencing: the more you learn from your experiences, the more you can have the experience you want. What you learn from your experiences, shapes your next experience. If you are not having the experiences you want, you therefore want to look at what you have learned from your experiences and understand what else there is to learn. Most of our learning is stored in our unconscious mind like a program and we are often not aware of how it runs our life. Are you on auto pilot or are you making conscious decisions aligned with who you want to be? What storyline are you on and how do you shift to another?

If you are not joyful, you are lost.

Stress, tension and feelings.

If you experience stress, tension or negative feelings, what is the source of it? You feel the stress: what does it mean and what signal is it sending you? The source of stress most often originates in something you experience - you are not who you want to be. Something happens and you feel stress and tension. Learning to read these signals leads you to the stress source so you can transform it. Tension is not always negative or unhealthy. It can be the catalyst for growth. Overtension is the unhealthy form that leads to disease and disorder. It's time to listen to the story it wants to tell you. Our teachings and therapies help you navigate and transform sources of joy and tension, and find the meaning in each experience.

What you see is what you get.

The movie above shows how Chris starts to recognize his sources of joy and tension, right in the here and now. It's through his change of perspective on the here and now that he gets to his desired destination. The rest follows. Where one person sees joy, another sees danger. What you expect to see, is often what you see. If you want to change your storyline, you have to see what story you are in right now, and how you could look at it differently. How would you ever get to Rome without knowing where you are right now and making the decision to see the opening of the road to Rome from where you stand? The beginning is somewhere here and now, not in Rome.

CODE Journeys.

CODE Journeys teach and guide you to access your story mind - the part of you that knows what you need to know to grow, heal, know, accept and be who you truly are and want to be. Think of it as a great storyteller about the destinations behind and ahead of you and the road connecting them all. CODE stands for Colourful Original Daring Experience - it's the code or key to access your storyteller and the key insights to learn about the experiences you truly desire in life.
This approach helps you direct your attention to what you want in life instead of what you don't want, and how to make that happen. It teaches you to manifest your true self using the feedback triangle I want - I am - I experience - a simple and powerful thought form that functions like a life compass. It gives you something to hold on to in a concrete situation to stay on your storyline or to step on a different one.

Story mind.

Ultimately, only you know the answer, for only you have experienced what you have experienced. The breakthrough insights about yourself are the key to transform the tension into feelings of joy and those insights are a product of your story mind. This part of you speaks to you in the form of stories and lets you remember who you are and what you want in life. It makes conscious what is unconscious. Everyone has this intuitive story teller mind and you can learn to access it. Our techniques help you access it, the rest follows by itself.

Become an Experience Maker.

Mastering your experiences, having and making the experiences you want in life makes you a true experience maker. It requires acquiring the insights and awareness you need to grow, and integrating them into your day-to-day life. Read the book The Experience Maker for more information about our approach.
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