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Burnout and Recharge

In this study group you work on being aware of how you make a burnout experience. Each class has 8 to 12 participants.

This study group will be held in Dutch or English. We offer study sessions online through video calls or with a hybrid of online and location.

Who is this study group for?

This study group is for people who are experiencing a burnout. The basic principle here is that the more aware you are of yourself, your environment and what a burnout is, the better you can deal with it and recover. In the training you learn to apply the Experience Maker way. The intention is to use your own recovery power to recover from a burnout.

Experience Maker

The Experience Maker way is a practical framework to learn from your experiences and make the experiences you want. In this approach, you ask yourself to focus on what you want in life (rather than focus on a problem) and become aware of how to live it. By becoming more and more aware of your own experiences, you are increasingly able to give direction to them.


Like a fitness training program, the program supports you to become 'fitter' in awareness. In 12 weeks we explore together in group sessions how you can create the experiences you envision and aspire to.


We use the process of creating experience as a guideline to become more aware. In the study you learn to apply the Experience Making way. If you see your life as a movie, how is your movie made? Who makes it? Who's watching? Who's playing in it? By observing your experiences you learn what you want to experience in life, how you get there and whether you are already there.

Pit Stops

A 'work-out' session is called a Pit Stop. We use the Pit Stop to reflect on your experiences and experience making. We explore the basic questions of:

- What do you want the experience to be?

- How do you make that happen?

- What is your current experience like?

In the sessions we use in-depth techniques to expand your awareness and connect with your presence, intuition, feelings, thinking, sensing, doing and knowing.


As part of the program, you will create expressions of your insights and desires.

Schedule and Cost

12 week program:

Weekly Pitstops of 2 hours. 

The contribution is 24 x €25 = €600

Dates are scheduled per group and start as the full up. To get on the list, please contact us.

Burnout & Recharge Study Group

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