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Lead mentor: Joost Wentink

As a business owner and long distance athlete I've been over the edge and know what it feels like. I know depression too. It's hard. Knowing yourself and being aware is both your way out and staying out of a burn-out.  First: what is charging you. Second: what drains you. Then to road to further growth is open again.
Our program for burn-out recovery is tailored to you: where you are in the process and what your preferred learning and recovery is.
Learning from your experience is at the heart of it. What experiences have drained you? What experiences charge you? What is the amount of tension between who you are and who you want to be? Getting a picture of what turns the heat on, both positive and negative, allows for the steams to be let go, and new energy to come in. 

Unblock the energy that is stuck.

Emotional and physical energy can get blocked, and therefor unavailable to you. 

Charge yourself by learning to access the energy sources within you.

There are natural energy sources in you and available to you. This can be diet and also energetic sources deeper with you. 

Building your energy back up.

Learn to feel and know your energy level available and what 'work' you are therefor able to do. Manage your energy and balance your chargers and drainers.

Reduce the drainers.

Identify what sources drain your energy and learn to transform or remove these experiences so they no longer drain you. These drainers can be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental.

Going beyond.

With the gained new insights about yourself, it is time to integrate them into your every day life.
To discuss your needs and develop a personal learning plan, please contact us.

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Getting to the roots.

Once your energy level is sufficient, it is necessary to transform the root experiences and causes of the burn-out. This is a learning process in which you discover more about who you are and want to be and harmonizing your passion with your being. You learn about experience making in which you study the core 8 archetypes and all 22 archetypes of experiencing and transformation. This will align your mind, body and spirit for more balance and harmony.

Burnout & Recharge Track

Learn about your burn-out experience, what it means and how to recharge and undrain your battery.
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